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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR Psychotherapy is recognized by many organizations as an effective treatment for traumatic life events.

Let's go through some basic information about the brain so you can understand more about EMDR psychotherapy.

For this discussion, imagine that the brain is divided into four levels.

The first level is the brain stem. The job of the brain stem is to keep you alive by monitoring and regulating the vital signs of life - breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, digestion and other functions.

The second level is the reptile brain, the limbic system. Reptiles are cold blooded, travel alone and do not take care of their young. The limbic system helps to regulate emotion, behavior and memory.

The third level is the mammal brain. Mammals are warm blooded, take care of their young and travel in a pack.

Finally, the "human" brain sits in the front and is called the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex handles the executive functions of the brain, including adapting to experiences, predicting future outcomes, executive decision-making and social control.

Eye Movement Treatment | EMDR Trauma Therapy | Glendale AZ | Peoria

When you go through something traumatizing, you can feel out of control, angry, sad and afraid. Symptoms of trauma include depression, anxiety, reliving the event and avoiding situations that remind you of the event. You can feel numb or WANT to feel numb and are always on the lookout for more trauma and danger. The goal is to get back in control of yourself and integrate the bad event(s) into your life.

  • EMDR psychotherapy believes that unhealthy behavior is largely the result of unprocessed upsetting life experiences.
  • EMDR uses eight phases to process these negative experiences that are held in the limbic system.
  • EMDR pays close attention to the beliefs, emotions and body responses as well as to images of the disturbing events themselves.
  • EMDR is used to help you figure out what is useful from a painful experience. EMDR also helps you focus on the present circumstances without being bothered by previous painful events.
  • EMDR can help you make decisions about life using your prefrontal cortex.
  • EMDR can help you PROCESS upsetting life events, ADAPT to them and MOVE ON with your life in a more healthy manner.

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